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We offer several maintenance, repairs and replacements of parts in your car and or truck. There are literally thousands of parts that could go wrong. Some are evident, others are not. Some are fairly standard and we have listed them below so you can see what it is we deal with on a daily basis. This information is here for you to read and learn more about your car. We find it will help you understand what we are talking about when we diagnose the issue. If you do not see the part or service below, give us a call and we can let you know personally if it is something we cover.

Air Conditioning

If your AC is not functioning like it should be, we can help you. You may need a recharge or minor line or compressor replacement. Bring your car by and we will check it out to make sure your AC is operating correctly.


These tend to go out in the summer time when you will definitely notice it. It will start with a squeaking noise when the bearings start to go bad. Some will just lock up and others will stop working all together. IF you have issues with your AC this could very well be the issue and we can fix it!


These control the flow of air into the engine for internal fuel combustion. Put your hand over your mouth and try to breath through it. Well its hard and this same thing happens with your car or truck. We can check, clean or replace your filter very easily. This will also help you obtain optimal gas mileage results.


The alternator turns when the motor is running. It creates power and sends that power to charge your battery and run the on board electronics of your car or truck. If the battery is starting to die on you consistently, this could be the issue. We can tell you if your battery is dead or if you need an alternator just by checking it.

BRAKES (rotors, pads, calipers)

We offer new brake rotors or the resurfacing of your current rotors and replacement of brake pads. If your vehicle is in need, we service or replace the hardware if needed.


Belts and hoses get old and start cracking. You do not want your timing belt, power steering belt, compressor belt or whatever belt you have to snap because of this. It could cost you major money in the repair of your motor. Let us take a look at your belts and hoses to ensure your not ready for new.


If you are having mild or major trouble with your manual transmission or even small shifting concerns, bring it by and we will take a look at it. It could be an issue of fluid level, master cylinder leaks or clutch line leakage. Either way, we can repair or replace your clutch, flywheel and or Slave Cylinder.


The camshaft is used to operate the valves. It then consists of a cylindrical rod running the length of the cylinder bank with a number of oblong lobes protruding from it, one for each valve. The cams force the valves open by pressing on the valve, or on some intermediate mechanism as they rotate.


There are many moving parts between the motor, transmission, and rear end of your vehicle. If your in a front wheel drive car there are the same amount of moving parts that may need servicing or repairs.


The ecu is the on board computer for your car. It controls many things like air fuel ratios, timing, ignition and more. Depending on what you drive, it could be a small computer or a "MAC" daddy of a computer. If your car is showing dash lights or check engine lights, the ECU will tell us what is wrong with your car. In most cases you just need to have the ECU rebooted like your home computer. We can do this for you too!

Engine Services

We offer engine swaps, overhauls and standard maintenance. Anything from timing belts/chains, motor mounts. Your motor is the most expensive part of your car or truck. Let us take a look at it from time to time to make sure its getting the best care it needs and deserves.

Exhaust Systems

s your car or truck making too much noise or do you want it to make more noise (for your HP freaks). The type of exhaust you have can be for efficiency, power, or even the amount of sound you hear. We can check your current system to make sure your is not leaking or replace units of your exhaust system so you can pass emissions even.


Dirt, scale, and rust can easily find their way into your fuel tank. A fuel filter helps prevent contaminants from entering your fuel system and damaging your fuel-injection system or carburetor. Fuel filters provide excellent filtration performance, flow management, compatibility, and durability to maintain clean fuel flow to your engine. We can check and or replace your fuel filter if needed.


The intercooler makes the air coming into the engine even cooler so it will combust better offering you more power! Most high performance cars have an intercooler and we can help if your having issues or want a upgrade with yours!


Your lifters are a major part of your engine and that clicking or ticking sound you hear may just be them. Sometimes we can fix these for you with minor adjustments and in a worst case scenerio, replace them completely.


It is very important that you change your vehicles oil and oil filter every 4000 miles depending on what brand of oil and oil filter you use. Oil viscosity will break down over time and cause major wear and tear on your vehicle.


The plug wires shoot electrical current to the spark plugs from the ignition or distributor. These can get old and not work as efficiently as they used to. This is an inexpensive way to tune up your car and raise that fuel economy.


The radiator cools or warms your motor depending on what season your driving in. We offer radiator flush and fill, replacements and exchange of hoses. If your car is running hot, it can be a number of things (radiator, hoses, fan, thermostat or fan relays). We will diagnose the issue and get you taken care of very easily. It does not take long at all to fix a radiator.


The rear end transfers the power from your drive train to the wheels of your car or truck. If your experiencing issues or leaking, these are problems we can fix.


The spark plugs fire in the cylinder to ignite the fuel creating combustion. The replacement of these should take place every year to 2 years depending on what you drive. They are very inexpensive parts and optimize your cars fuel efficiency. Its very recommended that you have these changed consistently with your regular maintenance when they are ready. Most mechanics can pull a plug and tell you if you are ready. If you pull them yourself, look for rounded electrodes or rust around the porcelain. Also if you find oil on the plug, your problems just got much bigger and you definitely need to bring it in.


Your vehicle may be more then 5 years old by now and in need of shocks and struts. Ever see a Cadillac hit a bump going down the road only to find it is still floating a mile later down the road. That is because the excessive weight of the vehicle has worn out the suspension. If you find your vehicle bouncing around or leaning over in corners, you could be ready for new shocks. We would love to make your ride smooth.

Tires & Wheels

You may have a nail or bent rim. Some things we can fix, some things we can not. Bring your car by and we will assess the issue so we can get the ball (or tire so to speak) rolling in the right direction.

Transmission Service

If your vehicle is shifting hard or you notice a recognizable issue with your transmission. We can diagnose, service or fix your issue no problem. We offer transmission flush and fills.


If you have gone over a year without a tune up, you may be due. We change out plugs, plug wires, distributor cap and rotor and check all your belts hoses and fluids to ensure your car is running top notch. The money you could be loosing not having a tune up will be evident with your gas mileage. So if you feel like your filling up too much, bring it by and we will let you know for sure.


Aftermarket or stock turbo's and superchargers are in several vehicles on the roads today. The care and driving conditions can cause you to need repairs or replacements of your equipment. We are here for you when this need arises. If you drive a car with a turbo or supercharger, be sure to let the car warm up and or cool down before heavy driving or turning off of the vehicle.


Cars get older just like we do and the valves are a part of the motor that experience old age. They need to be adjusted in order to decrease wear and tear and that ticking sound you may be hearing under the hood. If your ride is making a ticking, clicking or clacking noise that gets faster with acceleration, this could very well be your problem.

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